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The daily schedule is flexible enough to provide adaptablility when necessary, but structured enough to provide predictablility. We want your children to view their school as a safe and comforting place, where they know what to expect and when to expect it.


Infant's schedule is based your child's individual needs.



6:30-8:00AM     Arrival/Table top activities

8:00-8:30am     Breakfast/Quiet activities

8:30-8:45am     Clean-up/Bathroom

9:00-9:30am     Play outside

9:30-10:00am   Circle time/Snack time

10:00-11:00am Child directed activities

11:00-11:30am Teacher directed activities (music, language, science, blocks,                                     manipulative, dramatic play, transportation)

11:30-12:00       Clean-up/Prepare for lunch/Bathroom

12:00-1:00pm   Lunch time/Clean-up/Story time

1:00-3:00pm     Nap time or quiet resting time

3:00-3:30pm     Wake-up/Bathroom time/Snack time/Quiet activities

3:30-4:30pm     Play outside

4:30-5:00pm     Small group activities/Teacher directed activities

5:00-6:00pm     Child directed activities/Children leaving for the day

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